Friday, March 22, 2013

Entry 011

So, it's been a while again. A lot has happened and I'm not gonna cover it all in this one post. So, first thing to tell about:
Desucon Frostbite.

It was quite an interesting experience. Why?
Because we did it as an all-nighter.
Once again, yes.

I spent most of the time with a friend of mine that I'll call Saphire from now on. It's funny how we met, we took singing lessons and then realized with one of her friends that we all were at Desucon 2011 watching a same lecture - sitting in a same row almost next to each other!
Year and a half later, we have done a pair cosplay and spent a night keeping ourselves awake. Or rather, she was keeping herself awake while I was snoozing in a corner. But the cosplay was nice and it gave us some fun moments! Although her wig was apparently quite itchy.
(Picture maybe later, I don't have any at the moment...)

There was a panel we went to see that went by a title "That wasn't supposed to go like that! - The reparation panel of broken anime-series", and one of the animes was No.6. Well, I just had to go and see it. Because well, I enjoyed No.6 a lot and had to see what kind of flaws other people saw in it.
Look, my babies~ (artwork: No.6 official anime art)

They critisized No.6's pacing a lot. That one I must admit, it's not easy to adapt nine volumes of light novels into 11 anime episodes. Unfortunately, they didn't succeed perfectly, but I didn't mind so much.
Then I read the light novels. And oh gosh they were GOOD. Now I see why the anime wasn't as good as it could have been.
The thing that annoyed me, however, was how they critisized Shion's reasoning and being naive. Well of course he's naive, he hasn't seen any kind of life other than his own in the utopistic city! He believing that the problem of inside the city and outside the city existing would be solved by breaking the wall that keeps them apart is only natural for a person like him!
A big flaw I see in the anime compared to those light novels is that it left out quite a bit of information. We don't get that good a grip of the characters beause of it. Of course Shion and Nezumi are portrayed well, but for example Inukashi is left a little incomplete as a developing character.
And the ending. I preferred the light novels' one. No unnecessary fantasy elements. And a much clearer picture of the situation that those two are left in.
But yeah, enough ranting. I'll continue next time.

P.S. I made a new blog (Kaksi marjaa ja hedelmä, in Finnish) focusing on cosplay with two young friends of mine, do check it out! Its layout it still a bit in progress, but we have started blogging already.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Entry 010

I spent an evening with my other friend couple weeks ago, I'll call her Greenie. She's a elementary school friend of mine with whom I hadn't been in contact for couple of years before having a random chat on Messenger two years ago or so. We noticed that we had same interests: she had grown to be a gamer and also followed quite a few anime series that I did, too.
The last time we had seen each other was in October at Yamacon. When Christmas came she asked me to tell if there were any days I could hang out, and so happened a phone call:

We both had difficulties to decide what to do until I suggested that we'd play something. I ended up playing Final Fantasy VII on her PC.

It was pretty interesting. Seemed like a good game, which was predictable. Though I have to admit that Cloud's attitude towards, well, everything amused me quite a bit.
And another thing that amused me was the whole essence of Barret.
Uga buga. Uggagaga bugaga!

I'm sorry I just had to XD Somehow I like his design, it's not your ordinary JRPG character design. But from time to time it's just too hilarious to deal with!

The gameplay was also something I was not familiar with. The battle system is basically turn-based but with time limits which, at least according to Greenie, shorten eventually when your characters have evolved enough. It got time to get used to it after having played FFX, but I managed to do it.
I also liked the soundtrack! The battle music was something I recognized right away. Maybe because I have heard it before while watching FF Dissidia battles on YouTube...

But I guess I have spoiled a bit too much. I had to see Cloud's dream voices talk to him only twice before I realized who it was... Oh man.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Entry 009

Guess what.
I tried going back to that Game Boy simulator page I found.
It didn't open.
I had been playing that one over 40 hours and passed the seven first gyms, and then it all just disappears into thin air!

Ah well. It's gone, nothing to do about it. I'll just have to get over it.
But my lovely party and my Gyarados that didn't get the chance to grow as much as it could have and my Butterfree I grew to love so much and my lovely strong Furret and OH NOOOO THEY CAN'T BE ALL GONE CAN THEY.
*calms down again*

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Entry 008

Okay, so I played Final Fantasy X again yesterday with my friend. I basically waited for her after school without properly knowing why, but when she finally finished with her group project we came up with playing for a change XD
I'll call this friend of mine Scarlet from now on. She's the same person I introduced on Entry 001, btw :3

Now I'll just jump right to the main subject of this post.

Just look at that raep face.

Scarlet is not the type who spoils you every single plot turn of a story, quite the opposite. She didn't have to say anything, and right from the very first time I saw this man in the game I just knew that he wasn't good news.
This boss fight proofed that I was right.
The beginning, no big deal. There's two minions of his there to protect them, and the only thing that makes them really annoying is their Auto-Potion trait. I was able to take down the whole lot with a single aeon's overdrive. I don't even remember which one I used.

Then comes Anima. This is where things start to get VERY exciting.
The first time we played this part through, Scarlet wanted to show me Anima's overdrive Oblivion just because that would be the only time we would have been able to see it. I guess it was worth it, it really was something. Too bad it was the reason we lost that fight.

Oh, yeah! Almost forgot!

Sorry, just had to.
And the first thing that comes to my mind when I see this? "Now that would be some epic cosplay." Yeah.
It's a good thing really that Scarlet was there to give me advice. I would have not used her if she didn't suggest it to me. No wonder this is one of her favourite summons, I can see that more than clearly.

But, back to Seymour and Anima.
We were KOed by the hell unleashed by Seymour after beating Anima, so we had to take that match again.
This is going to be a joke that Scarlet will never stop hearing from me. I think we had a party consisting of Auron, Kimahri and Tidus at the point when Anima unleashed Oblivion for the second time, and to Scarlet's surprise (and mine as well) KIMAHRI was the one to be the only survivor from the strike and the saviour of our fight. She always complains that my Kimahri is weird be cause he's too useful. She has never been able to make him useful. Hehe.
Ah well. That was some fight. And after that we made it to the oasis. I still haven't found Yuna there, Rikku is leading us to Home.
I'll just leave this ENORMOUS entry here and end it with this:
What is more frustrating than being killed by Seymour from the first strike?
-Being killed by a random encounter from the first strike after running several miles through a desert.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Entry 007

I'll make these two things clear before saying anything else.
1) I love it when other people recommend new series to me to watch. Otherwise I wouldn't have found half of my current fandoms at all.
2) I also like it when people talk about their interests and fandoms, even if I didn't belong to them. I myself am poor with starting conversations, so it's a relief to me really.

We are clear with these two things? Good. Now to the topic.

You could say that I use my tumblr account in three different ways. 1: I keep my own tumblr blog, of course, mostly reblogging things I like, 2: I follow what other people within my fandoms (Umineko, for example) do, and 3: I follow how my friends hype their own fandoms and what they do in general.

I have quite few tumblr blogs to follow, but my dashboard is always full of stuff.
What stuff, you ask? Well...

Tom Hiddleston.
Doctor Who.
And other random stuff.

I'll discuss some of these fandoms separately some other time, but yeah. My dashboard is full of these guys. Not complaining or anything. It's just interesting to notice that these are probably one of the most active fandoms on tumblr. Not just my dashboard, EVERYWHERE on tumblr. (or even the whole Internet)
Another interesting thing is that spending time on tumblr is most likely one of the main reasons that have lead me to become almost a Sherlockian myself! And without even noticing it! Isn't that frightening?
...I mean, when you are reblogging some single sentence about Moriarty hacking the Olympics just because of Stayin' Alive, you SHOULD be alarmed :'D

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Entry 006

What do you do when you have nothing better to do? Turn on your computer and do random things online 'til the late night. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? In Finnish you'd call it "yödataus".

Let me tell you something about my sleeping habits.
Before I turned sixteen I went to bed at latest 10.00pm. My need of sleep is enormous. I slept easily 10 hours a night. And not much less would've been enough.
Then came the upper secondary school and the one-hour school trip.
I had to say sweet goodbye to my 10-hour sleep.

Well, nothing bad comes without something good. I'm able to do all-nighters every now and then, which I never thought would be possible. It's kind of fun. And I get to contact some of my friends only online, so the slight lack of sleep is keeping me away from a lack of social life.
Thank you, MSN Messenger and a bunch of other sites, for making this possible.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Entry 005

You may have noticed from the pic in Entry 003 that I used Internet Explorer until May. So many people were almost forcing me to get Firefox because "IE just sucks".
Well, I was forced to get it when I noticed I COULDN'T PLAY THOSE GAME BOY COLOR GAMES WITH IE. It was too slow.
So, now I'm surfing with Firefox. I actually like it.

I've been playing Pokémon Crystal version a lot lately. In a month I've played all the way to Blackthorn City. And there would be the last gym of Johto with its leader. She'll use Dragon type, so one of my goals last time was to get my crappy Magikarp to evolve to Gyarados. I made it, and oh how happy I am for it. She's so much more powerful when she can actually DO something besides splashing water and tackle others with poor success rate. She can't use Thrash, though. Guess I should have caught a Gyarados instead of a Magikarp in first place.

That's my current party, featuring my lovely, grown-up Gyarados~
Alongside with Gyarados, I'm planning to use Poliwhirl. I taught her Ice Punch, so maybe she'll be useful. Maybe I should consider catching something of the Ice-type, too. My pride, 38-level Typhlosion, won't be any good because he's Fire-type and wouldn't do much damage.

Don't say anything. I'll call them he and she depending on their gender. I've even planned making a team consisting only cute girls. My Gyarados is a cute girl, and so is my Butterfree. And sure I'll take my cute Geodude with me, too :'D
No, I really love Geodude. She can do a lot of damage and has a very good endurance against almost anyone. Just as long as I don't use her against any Water- or Grass-type, I'll love her more and more every second.
I also love my Furret and his Fury Swipes and Strenght I taught him. It's a pity that he's male. He could've easily gotten into my merry cute girl gang. Ah well, I think I'll let him in anyway, he's just so cute and strong~ And not that the gender matters that much after all.

OK, that's with the chatter this time, and back to training. The Pokémons of the latest gym leader were lvl 30, 30 and 35, so I'd better catch them up!